Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Getting to know you...'


So here we are, a one-way conversation over these here inter-webs(haha).  But what about YOU?  As you are patient enough to visit this blog and wait as it grows into something solid, I realize that I have forgotten something very important- you!  So here is a little questionnaire.  This is an opportunity for you to share a little about yourself.  And I have to say, I am a bit excited.  :)
(p.s.~ did you start singing the song in your head, too?  It's stuck in mine...)

1.) What is your name(or secret identity, if that is more comfortable... But we know who you really are, 'Clark Kent')?

2.) Do you have a blog we can check out?

3.) If you could go back to any point in time, when to would it be?

4.) If you could meet anyone, alive or passed, whom would it be?

5.) What is your favorite food?  Dessert?

6.) If you could visit anywhere in this beautiful world, where would it be?  And to live?

7.) What is your favorite season?  Holiday?

8.) What is your favorite pastime?  (Or top 5 if you can't narrow it down to one)

9.) Favorite article of clothing?

10.) Heel or flat?

11.) If you only have time for one beauty item, what do you put on?

12.) Favorite day of the week?

13.) Perfect day consists of...?

14.) Coffee or tea?

15.) What makes you laugh the hardest?

16.) What are five random facts about you?

17.) How would you describe your style?  (What it is and/or what you want it to be)

18.) What brought you to Aesthetic Intrigue?  (Useful for me.  Thanks.)

19.) What would you like to see on Aesthetic Intrigue?  More of?  Less of?

20.)Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for taking the time.  Hope you enjoyed answering these.  :)
Would you like to see more of these questionnaires?

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