Saturday, October 20, 2012


*Deep breath*...

Every once in a while a shoe comes along that forces one to pull a good ol' fashioned stop-n-stare.  You know, the kind that makes you forget what's going on around you as you're left dreaming about that glorious fantasy world in which you are gallivanting around in the gorgeous soles... yeah, that one.  Well, these shoes did it for me.

I spotted (no every pun intended) this picture on pinterest but found it impossible to follow them back to their den.  However, I recently ran into the black sister-pair to these.  And, as any half-desperate hopeful would, I clicked on the picture.  Can you guess where it landed me?  Right at the Emerson Fry website.  Wasting not a second, my mouse found the fall collection shoes and I think my heart literally smiled (did you know it can do that?!).  There they were.  So I stared, and 'oohed', and 'ahhhed', and dreamed... and then (not so) sublty revealed this funny little story to my husband.  He, of course, knew exactly what I really wanted him to know - 'these shoes!  I want- nay, NEED these shoes!'

 These are a very doable price for such a lovely staple shoe.  At $325, these lovelies look worth every penny.  The print is fantastic, not loud or obnoxious.  The shape is classic and the X toe adds a special touch.  Even the heel adds something unique while the spots drain down to the thin, stacked heel, bringing a touch of organic beauty.  They stand as a staple for any fashionista, whether as a complimenting piece or as a statement.

Go check them out!

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